Saturday, August 21, 2010


I, like many other women, was looking forward to the release of "Eat Pray Love" in movie theaters.

I had bought the book at the beginning of summer with the intent to read the book by the time the movie was released. As the days passed, I wasn't getting very far in my reading. I just couldn't get into the book.

Finally, the movie release date was here, and I had not finished the book. I really wanted to see the movie, and I thought seeing the movie would make me want to finish the book. Although, I hadn't made it past the eating part of the book. My thought process was, "I love to Eat, I Pray, and who doesn't love Love?!"

Probably not the most logical thought process for spending $10.50 and giving up 2+ hours of my life that I'll never get back, but I'm not always the most logical girl in the world!

I was all fine through Italy, but our stay there could have been cut a little short because the storyline was losing me. By the time we got to India and Pray, I was fidgeting in my seat to keep from falling asleep. I kept telling myself to hang on for Indonesia and Love because it would get better...I was WRONG! Now, her love interest was not too bad on the eyes, but it just lacked so much in the way of a compelling story.

I left the theater, after I lost $10.50 and over 2 hours of my life, convinced that this would be a book I would never finish.